Bio Powder Hair Color Chestnut Brown 100% ingredients

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Описание:  Bio Powder Hair Color Chestnut Brown 100% Natural Ingredients

The best natural hair care from nature will be found in SANTE's organic powder dyes! The beautiful shine and a different and unique natural hair color will be part of your new look, complemented by silky softness and volume. 100% natural! 100% Beautiful! 100% Unique!

SANTE's organic hair dye paints last long, the color is durable and with variable unique shades. They offer active care and volume of exhausted hair. Extremely gentle on the scalp. NO peroxide, ammonia or other chemical substances. WITHOUT synthetic colorants, fragrances and preservatives
SANTE Powder Stains contain finely ground plant ingredients such as walnut, indigo and henna, which give the hair a long lasting color. Bio hair dyes do not break the structure of hair, they do not take natural color, they create an external film that protects the hair and gives an individual color, depending on the natural color of the hair. That's how it gets a color that's one in a million! Being unique and different is a good deal, right! In addition, the natural hair color is preserved and the hair is strengthened.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, read the detailed instructions.

The package contains: 100 g of hair powder, 1 pc. warming hat, 1 pair of gloves and 1 pcs painting instruction in Bulgarian.

Women with medium blonde to medium brown hair

Bio & Active Ingredients: Cassia powder
Henna powder
Sharpened walnut shells
Indigo Tinctoria Dust
Indigo Argentea Dust

Ingredients (INCI): Casia Auriculata Leaf Powder, Juglans Regia (Walnut) Shell Powder, Indigofera Indigofera Indigofera Indigofera Indigofera Indigofera ) Leaf Powder, Betaine, Algin
Ingredients (INCI): cassia powder, henna powder *, crushed walnut shell, indigo Tinctoria powder, indigo argentea powder, betaine, algin

* Ingredients from Organic Farming

Distinguished by the "Very Good" sign of Ecological Consumer magazine in Germany, Oecotest.

You have in the SANTE paint package:
- SANTE Dye 100 grams sufficient for dyeing hair to the shoulders
- Gloves to protect your hands from dyeing
- Head Cap

What else do you need?
- A bowl where you prepare ready-to-paint <
- Hot water with a temperature of 50-60оС for dark shades that contain indigo or hot - to achieve a light or red hue. If the target is light, instead of water, make a strong chamomile decoction. If the target is dark color - black tea or coffee.
- Paint brush
- An old cloth for a nap? Keeping the shoulders of painting or impermeable cloak
- Hairdryer
- Foil for cooking purposes

Preparation .
- Prior to dyeing, always wash the hair with neutral shampoo (SANTE), according to your hair type. Wipe gently with a towel and wrap it with another to keep warm. Hair before painting should be moist and warm.
- If your hair has been treated with dye, dandruff or oily chemical, the best way to prepare your hair for dyeing with SANTE bio paints is to wash with shampoo - Lava Strength. The white mineral clay in the shampoo contains cleaning agents that effectively remove traces of styling products and help in more efficient painting. Massage well in the roots before rinse. Wipe with a towel before painting.
- Apply paint with warm or boiling water according to the composition of the paint. Be careful not to inhale the dust. Stir until you get a smooth, homogeneous paste.
- Put the paint bowl into another larger pot of boiling water. This will keep the heat of the paint while you apply it.

Apply the paint evenly over the whole hair strand by strand using a paintbrush. Start from where the "path" of your haircut is.
Once you apply the paint, put the hat included in the pack and warm up with a hairdryer or a warming helmet. The hair salon is best. Immediately wrap the hair with a cookie foil, over it - aluminum foil for cooking purposes (they hold the heat). Place a winter hat over them or wrap with a cloth.
If necessary, use a cotton swab and SANTE makeup cleanser to remove any residual stains on the face or around the neck. Apply a thick cream on the edge of your face. A SANTE goji cream is suitable.

Stay Time
Stay with hair dye for between 30 minutes and 3 hours, depending on the color you want to achieve. Rule: darker hair needs more time to paint while lighter than less

Chemical-dyed hair is sometimes painted easier by those who have never dyed

Thin hair is easier to take plant dyes than thicker hair.



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