Dr. Bach's Stop-tabac Flowers Stops Smoking

Марка: Les Fleurs de Bach
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Описание:  Bach Stop-tabac's Flowers

Stop smoking!
- Nicotine dependence:
It's hard to stop smoking because it's under the nicotine addiction. This addiction creates habit symptoms, such as anxiety and intense nervousness in the first few weeks.
- Psychological dependence: It is precisely the one that forces us to extend (postpone) the moment of the final interruption. Smoking often goes along with other habits that lead to addictions such as the use of alcoholic and caffeinated beverages. Smoking is often over-used when combined with abundant nutrition (overeating) during increased nervous tension and stress. Normally a cigarette is lit when talking on the phone or during a learning or when waiting, and so on. Breaking this way of life and changing these habits is not so easy.
- Fear of obfuscation:
Many people are afraid they will be filled by the fact that they have given up their cigarettes. Quitting smoking does not contribute to weight gain. The main reason for this is the compensatory response, and in this case, the food intake, which replaces the ignition of a cigarette, is growing and it is getting faster.
- Internal Intensity:
Before someone stops smoking, he lights a cigarette when he feels tense and nervous. It is hardly understood that it is precisely in these moments of tension that a cigarette should be lit. You most often smoke when you feel a bad mood, feel nervous or feel intolerant to the environment.
- Doubt:

The majority of smokers have already tried to quit smoking, but without success. This gives them a suspicion of their ability and strength to overcome this challenge. Doubt in their own strength and the will to impose strict discipline in order to be able to give up this habit and throw away cigarettes.
- Consistency, tenacity, stamina:

Psychological dependence further nourishes the desire to catch fire, even years after quitting smoking. Constant willpower and self-discipline are required to resist the temptation to light only one (cigarette), especially in hard times and under severe stress.

POSSIBLE changes:
Dr. Bach's flowers can help break this dependency only with a strong desire and will on your part.
- Helps to accept a new behavior more quickly, which will gradually displace the desire to burn a cigarette to its almost complete disappearance.
- Helps you master and do not constantly look for some compensation and especially in food and sweets. This way you will not drastically increase your weight.
- It acts to relieve internal tension and predisposes to general calming and thus creates the prerequisites to drop the desire to go back to cigarettes.

Whip, White Chestnut Beetles, Red St John's Wort, Slabonga, Walnut, Elm, Ginkgo.
Dosage and application:
- How to use Dr. Bach's color elixirs?
Bach flowers are entirely natural products, which means they can be used both in adults, children and animals. Their acceptance does not entail any risk, nor is there any known intolerance or contraindications. You can not overdose or overwhelm. Moreover, you can combine them with other treatments and with other medicines, whether they are common or alternative.

Ways to Use Bach's Flowers: - Common (traditional) route of administration, by mouth (peroral method).
- Saturation of air (spray method).
- Scents for spraying in the surrounding environment.
- Unique symbiosis between the aromatherapy method and the aromas of Dr. Bach's Flowers.
- Perfume water:
Perfumed waters with natural aromas of Dr. Bach's flowers have a beneficial effect on both the body and the soul.
Leads to your dress and charm:
Toilet waters with 100% natural ingredients and scents from the palette of Dr. Bach's Flowers.

Doctor Eduard BAH's Authentic Method:
We follow strictly what Dr. Bach wrote.
This method includes:
- Hand picking colors;
- From wild flowers and plants;
- In environmentally friendly areas, free of any animal or industrial pollution;
- Strict adherence to the extraction processes: solarisation (extraction in water under the influence of the sun's rays) and boiling (extraction in boiling water);
- Reception for storage in Bio Brands 40о vol. alcohol of equal parts of Color Water (Color Extract Water) and Bio Brandy;

Dr. Bach's Flower History:
- How Do Dr. Bach's...


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