Марка: Les Fleurs de Bach
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Описание:  Bach Bourgeon de Marronnier's Flowers - Chestnut Bud
WHITE CHEESE STONE - Bourgeon de marronnier blanc - White chestnut - Gammae aesculus hippocastani

For those who are relaxed, slow and slow.
Increases attention and focus.


For those who can not take advantage of what they see and experience for those who are more in need of time to learn the lessons of life. Where some need an experience, they need more, repeat and repeat before they learn. In their great disturbance, they are in the position of making the same mistake in repeated attempts when one single time could be enough, or even when they saw how it was done by others to avoid falling into such a situation.
Dr. Edward Bach
Dosage and application:
- How to use Dr. Bach's color elixirs?
Bach flowers are entirely natural products, which means they can be used both in adults, children and animals. Their acceptance does not entail any risk, nor is there any known intolerance or contraindications. You can not overdose or overwhelm. Moreover, you can combine them with other treatments and with other medicines, whether they are common or alternative.

Ways to Use Bach's Flowers: - Common (traditional) route of administration, by mouth (peroral method).
- Saturation of air (spray method).
- Scents for spraying in the surrounding environment.
- Unique symbiosis between the aromatherapy method and the aromas of Dr. Bach's Flowers.
- Perfume water:
Perfumed waters with natural aromas of Dr. Bach's flowers have a beneficial effect on both the body and the soul.
Leads to your dress and charm:
Toilet waters with 100% natural ingredients and scents from the palette of Dr. Bach's Flowers.

Doctor Eduard BAH's Authentic Method:
We follow strictly what Dr. Bach wrote.
This method includes:
- Hand picking colors;
- From wild flowers and plants;
- In environmentally friendly areas, free of any animal or industrial pollution;
- Strict adherence to the extraction processes: solarisation (extraction in water under the influence of the sun's rays) and boiling (extraction in boiling water);
- Reception for storage in Bio Brands 40о vol. alcohol of equal parts of Color Water (Color Extract Water) and Bio Brandy;

Dr. Bach's Flower History:
- How Do Dr. Bach's Flowers Have Been Found?
Flowers of Bach with and created in the 1930s by the English physician Edward Bach, who gave his name to the method. His philosophy has surpassed his time. His motto is "While the Soul, Body, and Spirit of Man are in harmonious consonance, nothing can affect us, hurt, upset." Dr. Bach dedicates the last 10 years of his life to exploring and exploring the 38 different forms of behavior of people. These 38 mental states are the main sources of our mental anguish and Dr. Bach groups them in 7 different categories:
- Fear;
- Uncertainty;
- Lack of interest in the present;
- loneliness (loneliness);
- Hypersensitivity to foreign ideas and influences; - Exhaustion and Discouragement; - Excessive concern for the good (welfare) of others.
After many years of experience, these 38 single color elixirs, corresponding to one of the various forms of people's behavior, have given way to numerous combinations of Dr. Bach's flowers. For each emotional problem, there is a special combination.

Dr. Bach's color elixirs

The essence of Dr. Edward Bach's color elixir treatment system can be defined as 'consciousness-based treatment.' Matter is a form of energy existence. Man is a universe of energy fields, which is in the continuous interaction with streams of earth and cosmic energy. Human life can be defined as a dynamic and harmonious symbiosis of energies for a certain period of time. Deviated in the wrong direction energy must be integrated again to harmonize the dynamic energy equilibrium called body-spirit. This is also in the ancient principle of "heal yourself".

The Dr. Bach color scheme does not act by direct impact on the biochemical process in the human body but through the subtle levels of the energy fields of matter. He builds his theory of the simple natural way of releasing the stored energy from the Sun into the colors of the plants from their material form and connecting it with the easily absorbed by the living organism carrier substance - the water. In this way, energy is transmitted and leads to the harmonization and balancing of the dynamic equilibrium of the energy universe called man.


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