Restorative Balsam for Feet Private Spa

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Описание:  Refreshing Private Spa Foot Balm

Foot Repair Balm
Private Spa Series

Special nourishing cream for dry skin of the feet. Hydrates and nourishes, the fragrance leaves a unique feeling for a long time on the skin, softening in a unique and flawless way. It absorbs quickly and does not leave an unpleasant sticky sensation on the feet. Protects against cracked heels and gives long lasting silk softness.


* Gentle care for cracked and dry skin as well as for hard-wearing skin.
* Hydrates and nourishes, restores balance in the skin.
* Creates a sense of freshness and vitalizes the legs.

Use: Apply morning and night on dry and clean skin. Do not apply to open wounds and inflammation.

Active Ingredients:

1. Glycerin - a viscous liquid that can be mixed with water
In its free form it is a clear, viscous liquid with a sweet taste that can be mixed with water in any ratio. In its bonded form glycerin is a component of lecithin and all natural oils and lipids. In the cosmetics industry, glycerine is used as a mediator in retention of moisture in the skin.

2. D-panthenol-provitamin, which accelerates cell growth
D-panthenol (provitamin) is an initial form of pantothenic acid that is widespread in all living cells (fruits, vegetables, milk, muscles, animals and humans). D-panthenol accelerates cell growth, renews mature skin faster. Stimulates energy metabolism of cells and the rate of cell division in the mature skin. D-panthenol penetrates into the deep layers of the skin and helps to retain more water, which increases the moisture in the skin. It also protects against sunburn, stimulates natural pigmentation of the skin and has anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.

3. Citric acid

Citric acid and lemon extract are naturally extracted from lemons or from the bark of the fruit. Both components are well known for their firming and toning action. They speed up the healing process, they have an antiseptic effect, both active substances are particularly effective in combating unclean skin. These are natural preservatives and antioxidants.

4. Allantoin - an organic substance that accelerates wound healing

Allantoin in nature can be found in large quantities in black oman root, horse chestnut, wheat germ, beet, and also in the human body. Allantoin has a disinfecting and cleansing effect, accelerates the healing of the wounds, stimulates cellular formation and thus restores the damaged tissue. Allantoin calms? skin, especially rough skin, and is useful in case of sunburn. This ingredient is made up of skin sensitive products, acne, rosacea or eczema.

5. Sunflower oil

Oil is obtained by hot pressing of sunflower seeds. It contains glycerides of oleic acid (33%), linoleic acid (55%) and some free fatty acids. To remove them, sunflower oil is treated with a mild sodium hydroxide solution and, after washing with water, is filtered through adsorption clay. Its color is light yellow, with a slight odor and a pleasant butter taste. It is also a semi-drying oil, nourishes the skin and gives it elasticity. Because of its beneficial influence on it, it is composed of many cosmetic products and massage oils.

6. Rosemary Extract

Extremely aromatic and revitalizing plant extract that enhances the sense of well-being, stimulates blood circulation and acts bactericidal. The extract of rosemary is extracted from the leaves and leaves of the plant, with notes of eucalyptus, camphor, gum and slightly bitter taste. The name rosemary is taken from Latin ros marinus, and means 'dewdrome'. The rosemary extract is oily - due to sunflower oil. Rosemary leaves contain highly ethereal oil and are rich in phenols. Outwardly, rosemary acts to stimulate blood circulation and is therefore used for baths in the treatment of cardiovascular failure as well as circulatory disorders as well as gout and rheumatism. Rosemary oil has a strong antiseptic effect, an outstanding antioxidant and protects the creams from rancidity. The extract of rosemary acts as a powerful active bactericidal substance without irritating the sensitivity of the skin. On rosacea, rosemary extract offers protection against oxidative stress, harmful effects of the sun and the environment. It is often seen as a free radical scavenger. Rosemary is an active substance that enhances metabolism, it is one of the fiery elements, and is the most important of 'red oils'.

For 50 years. JEAN D'ARCEL COSMETIQUE (France) is the professional partner of thousands of beauticians around the world.
The partnership is based on high quality and rich assortment as well as innovative ingredients and advanced production technologies.

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