Soothing milk after sun Heliabrine

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Описание:  Soothing milk after Heliabrine sun

Soothing milk for sunshine hydrates in depth, nourishes and softens the skin.

ADVANTAGES: Rich in essential fatty acids from linseed oil and vegetable glycerin, this milk nourishes, hydrates and regenerates skin after exposure to sunlight. The soothing formula is enriched with marigold oil and vitamin E known for its soothing properties. Prevents the feeling of irritation, dryness or other discomfort. Its fresh and light texture absorbs quickly and leaves the skin soft and silky.

WAY OF USE: Apply on pure skin, all over your body, after each sun exposure.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Calendula oil, Vitamin E, Essential fatty acids, Glycerin.

For all of you who are in nature, on the beach and where the sun's rays touch your skin, SED HELIABRINE® Laboratory has developed SOLAR DEFENSE Sunscreen Cosmetics. Line products containing a new generation of micro-encapsulated filters with a wide range of action, protect the skin from the harmful effects of UVB and UVA radiation, and provide intense protection against photo-aging.

Monaco - The luxury of exquisite cosmetics. Kingdom!

Monaco is a benchmark for luxury and excellence in innovative, high-quality facial and body cosmetics. Thanks to the bilateral partnership between Suis Polia Center EOOD and the SED HELIABRINE-Monaco Dermatoscopic Laboratory, already in Bulgaria, thousands of women and men have the opportunity to enjoy the amazing range of medical-cosmetic products and professional procedures containing concentrated natural extracts.

High-quality products for rapid and long-term solutions to various dermatological problems from the SED HELIABRINE-Monaco Laboratory are available in more than 60 countries across 5 continents.

They have proven their efficiency, they are increasingly demanded by self-respecting people, convinced that the good looks are tied to the comfort and image of the personality. The range of cosmetic products will make you feel special, self-confident and beautiful. The products of SED HELIABRINE-Monaco are the perfect solution for: relaxed, sensitive or dehydrated facial skin; exhausted and falling hair; lightening of spots on the skin of the hands and body; sun protection and relaxation.

SED HELIABRINE-Monaco cosmetic products meet the current standards and international regulations of the cosmetics industry. Developed by a dynamic team of highly qualified pharmacists in the state of the art technological equipment and collaborative collaboration with dermatologists, universities, independent research institutes and biotech companies from around the world. Products are net toxic, dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, made of natural raw materials and not tested on animals. The cosmetics produced by the SED HELIABRINE-Monaco Laboratory are available in some of the world's most prestigious beauty centers. Successfully triumphs at world-leading beauty exhibitions in Paris, Moscow, Dubai, Beverly Hills. Brand, combining experience, innovative technologies and carefully selected unique active ingredients for visible results.


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