Bio Liquid Body Liquid Pepper

Biofficina / Биофичина, BIOFFICINA, Био Флуид за тяло с екстракт от люта чушка

260 ml

Biofficina / Биофичина, BIOFFICINA, Био Флуид за тяло с екстракт от люта чушка

100 ml

16.00 лв. 38.00 лв.
Цена: 8.00 euro euroЦена: 19.00 euro euro

5, 1 гласа

Описание:  Organic Liquid Peanut Body Fluid

A special combination of high capseicin, contained in Tuscan hot pepper bio-oil, combined with extracts of caffeine and green tea, makes this substance suitable for firming and rejuvenating. It strengthens blood circulation and improves the turgidity of the skin. The geranium essential oil adds to the feeling of energy.

Active Ingredients: organic honey, organic olive oil and grape seed oil, rice oil, organic red pepper extracts, green tea, echinacea, ivy, horsetail.

Directions: Apply with circular movements. It absorbs quickly. It leaves no traces.

Bioficina Toscana - The Story of a Young Bio-Vegan Brand

Bioficina Toscana is a project born of the interest of two young women - Eva Casali and Claudia Lami to ecological life and bio-behavior. Their passion, fed by their endless love for their native Tuscan fields, led them to create an entirely new, biological line of products for the whole family.

Here, in just four steps, we will introduce Bioficina Toscana, born on the hills of the rich Tuscan land.

1. ORGANICITY or DNA of Biofficina Toscana
Many bio-brands use natural ingredients as ingredients. Most of them, however, travel hundreds of kilometers before they reach the production labs. This leads to their inevitable pollution as well as to the environment. So the creators of Biofficina Toscana firmly decide that their project will start at 0 km! Or else - they will produce TAM - in the heart of Tuscany, next to the plants themselves. It is no accident that the name of the brand is inspired by this idea:
Biofficina - the Toscana bio-laboratory, the area where all the plants that use it grow.

The range of Biofficina Toscana is not very extensive, but it has everything you need to maintain a healthy and beautiful look.

CLEANING LINE of shampoos and specific products for healthy hair; aromatic shower gels natural deodorants; nourishing creams for hands and body; complex face care from fluids, creams and serums from baby to mature and tired skin.

Ingredients are organic and bio-dynamic, for the most part hand-processed or directly incorporated. For example: Fresh fresh extra virgin from the olive plantations of Pisa; honey from the pristine beaches of Parco di Migliarino, sea buckthorn from Cecina. They are all present in the working formulas of the products.

Bioficina Toscana's pride is their patented formulas:
UVIOX - created from special extracts of Chianti wine varieties.

OLEOX - born of an olive variety grown only in Crete Senesi.
Both formulas, along with many other herbal ingredients, are present in the whole range of products, but are particularly well suited to the unique Men's Series.

Effective action on the metabolic processes of the body skin is due to the hot peppermint oil produced directly on the Cecina farm, known worldwide with its unique 12 hot pepper varieties.


Except for the two specific Male Only products - a shaving gel enriched with small and nettle and a functional after-shave emulsion, all other products are unisex!

Naturally, products for the youngest are made with special care and are suitable for adults with problematic skins.


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