VENOGEL - gel for legs against varicose veins

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Описание:  VENOGEL - a varicose vein gel

For fatigue, weight, enlarged capillaries and veins, swelling, leg pain you need VENOGEL for true relief.

The gel penetrates in depth and maintains the structure of the skin of the feet. Softens, strengthens, regenerates damaged skin. Strengthens the capillaries and tonifies the venous walls. Cool and soothes "tired legs"

VENOGEL contains natural ingredients with proven anti-inflammatory action and expressed complex biological activity against the symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency.

Propolis Extract rich in bioflavonoids with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, healing action. Protects the skin from irritation and infections.

Horse Chestnut Extract with high escine content. Escine is a biologically active ingredient that rapidly penetrates the surrounding areas of the skin and muscles below the site of application. Provides capillary-thickening action, tones the venous walls, has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

Clover Extract with exceptionally good regenerative effect on the skin. Used in cosmetics and in products for the treatment of wounds, eczema, acne, etc.

Pharmadent Laboratories have been working in the field of pharmacy and cosmetics since 1993, established and run by Rumen Tolev and Alexandrina Ilieva - PhDs with proven scientific and manufacturing experience.
Since 2000, they have been uniting in "Pharmaceutic Bio" Ltd. , which mainly manufactures cosmetics, nutritional supplements and more.

The company's policy is to create products of consistently high quality and proven effect, meeting European standards and norms. Emphasis is placed on creating "natural products" that contain standardized extracts of medicinal herbs, propolis and others. in sufficiently high concentrations to achieve the desired effect. It works to create "hypoallergenic cosmetics" without preservatives, colorants, synthetic fragrances.

Own production know-how, proprietary brands, own brands BIODENT®, DENTAMED®, ACTIV®, HEXICORAL®, FRESH TEST®, VENOGEL®, HEMAGEL® and others.

"Pharmadent Bio" Ltd. monitors the specific needs of the market and world news in planning its development and manufacturing activities.


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